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Alison Coulthurst Artist anad Art therapist

"creativity feeds your soul, it's a way to understand  and create changes in our lives, to make peace with ourselves and to love life."


Alison studied Graphic Design and Fine Art in South Africa and Transpersonal Art therapy in Australia.

She has also studied Kahuna, Lomi Lomi Massage and Reiki in Australia. Alison is passionate about loving yourself and connecting with what's really important in life! Her wish is for the women who took part in these retreats to return home with a deeper sense of connection and love for themselves.


Her role as an art therapist can help clients explore and express themselves authentically.

She says "Creating art can heal us, inspire us and leave us filled with happiness and love."

In the Creativity Retreats Alison uses Art Therapy to help women express and explore emotions.

It's all about connection, connecting with yourself, connecting with others, connecting with nature and connecting with what truely matters. She also loves painting in her studio in France and has enjoyed exhibiting around the world."Painting is my meditation, it feeds my soul and brings me peace of mind."


"I am very blessed to work with unbelievably wonderful ladies,

who radiate so much amazing energy and love in the retreats." 

Womens Art Retreats
Womens Art Retreats Mother and daughter connection
Womens Art Retreats fascilitators
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Emily coulthurst Massage therapist Womens Art Retreats



I grew up in Australia however I am currently based in Berlin. I am trained in Hawaiian massage and have my own practice in Berlin. I also offer couple massage workshops and reiki energy healing. I am very passionate about energy work and bodywork which led me to becoming a Tantra facilitator this year. Tantra is a way of living from the heart, and listening to your body. It is also about finding a balance between your masculine and feminine energies and bringing the unconscious mind conscious. Through Tantric embodiment exercises a person will be able to shift energy bringing their body into harmony. I believe everyone can heal themselves - it must start by tuning into your body.

At the retreat I will hold space for a few different embodiment practices that will help everyone to move any stuck energy, allowing more room for self-love and feeling more alive in their beautiful body temple!


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Womens Art Retreats Michelle yoga teacher Womens Art Retreats



Yoga Teacher Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes. All lessons are adapted to your needs and level.

I was born in Mexico and lived there for 20 years before moving to Montreal and finally settling in France 4 years ago. After being a semi-professional classical dancer, yoga came into my life about ten years ago.After years of practice, I decided to make it my professional activity and so I took a 200-hour training course in order to be able to teach. Since then, I am also a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine and certified Reiki I, II and III master.

Today yoga, meditation and mindfulness have changed my outlook on life. I learned to let go, to listen to my body and my intuition and enjoy the present moment. I look forward to meeting you all on the retreat.

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Womens Art Retreats Iva massage therapist



Iva brings a wonderful bubbly loving energy on the retreat.

Hawaiian temple massage is derived from ancient Polynesian methods of restoring balance and promoting health and vitality. It is unlike any other bodywork as it goes beyond improving physical health, a Ka Huna bodyworker can guide their client to developing mental clarity, self-awareness, happiness, and love by employing the seven principles of the Hawaiian philosophy. The principle of aloha is one of the special significance in the realms of kahuna massage. The rhythmic "hula" style movements of the practitioner as they "dance" around the table are also meant to create a harmony between the practitioner and the client.

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Womens Art Retreats Rebecca massage therapist



Rebekka adds her personalised style as she intuitively caters for what your body needs; anything from strong and intense pressure to calm and nurturing movements. She gives a deeply nurturing and relaxing massage. With its gentle flowing sequences, it is an excellent and beautiful way to relax and cleanse the body and mind, open up the heart and soothe the soul. But, it is so much more than just a massage or technique. It is a sacred healing deeply rooted in Hawaiian tradition.

It is a healing modality of love (aloha), meditation and prayer, where the giver is merely an instrument, a ‘flute’, through which life force or ‘mana’ can flow to the recipient. The work must come from the heart and flow through the hands, resulting in a healing beyond the mind.....Rebekka has a wonderful calming energy on the retreat.

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Womens Art Retreats Mari yoga teacher


Mari is a yoga teacher, based in Brittany, France.

A former martial art practitioner, she was first seduced by the physical dimension of yoga, making her rediscover the path of the body, of sensations, of breath. It is then in a diligent practice that she becomes aware of the benefits far beyond the physical sphere. Mari is a passionate and dedicated soul to accompany you on an introspective journey to allow you to align body, mind, soul. She guides you in a balanced practice between technically and intuition, intensity and softness.

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