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Online Art Therapy sessions provide the same level of privacy,

confidentiality and professionalism as a face-to-face session


I will talk about what you are experiencing

and the therapeutic goals you would like to reach.


I will guide the art sessions from there and you will make art

(remember even a squiggle is art)



Then we will observe the art and conclude

with a reflection and new intentions



Please fill in the client form I will send it via e mail.

You will need a computer, video camera & microphone.I will connect with you via Zoom, the link will be sent via e mail.



Prepare your sacred space, from which you can comfortably speak, and with a surface that you can make art on.

It's important to create a space you feel safe and comfortable in for the best experience.

Here are some ideas :

light a candle,

burn a calming incense,

switch off your phone,

& remind everyone not to disturb you,

have some crystals around you,

have your art materials laid out,

a glass of water and a box of tissues,

make yourself comfortable with pillows behind your back,

go to the toilet before,

check the temperature of the room is comfortable.



For your first art session it is ok to start with just one art material. eg pencil and paper


More materials can be accumulated over time such as:

a few pieces paper A3

(watercolour paper is best but even photocopy paper will do)

colour pencils and pencil,

chalk pastels and oil pastels,

variety of sizes of paintbrushes,

jar of water,

paints: acrylic & watercolour 

(colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black and white)

Sticky tape and a pair of scissors


Put on your painting shirt or an apron.

In one session the healing can already begin however, the most benefit is derived from a series of

weekly Art Therapy sessions for your journey to have a chance to evolve and transform.


60 min online session €60

90 min online session €80

For Cancellation please provide 24 hours notice


"The art therapy session started with some grounding and breathing exercises which were so crucial to the start of the session, as I was scattered and all over the place. I was guided to use art materials which flowed with my hands and to let go of the mind and let the subconscious pour out what it needed on the page. It was slightly confronting but liberating to simply describe what colours and shapes made me feel and to clear and cleanse what made me feel uncomfortable and cold.

Thankyou that was really healing and I just did that on my phone!" Alienor Reinour

"Really beautiful art therapy session. Discovered what I was feeling during pregnancy. Being able to reflect these feelings into art was invaluable as I can now treasure my work and reflect on this time in my life in the future." Nell Hughes

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