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Reconnect with Life's Joy and Self Love through Art 

la Maison de L'Artiste womens creativity retreats in France
individual one on one creativity retreats in france
individual one on one creativity retreats in france

Are you ready for a uniquely personal experience?

Welcome to this private women's retreat designed to help you rediscover joy,

embark on a journey of self-discovery, and find a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

You have my full attention!


No prior artistic skills are necessary 

It's all about expressing your emotions and thoughts, letting your mind, body, and spirit harmonise in a symphony of self-discovery. Creating art deepens your self-understanding, frees your emotions, ignites your creativity, and strengthens your inner wisdom.


Nestled in the serene French countryside 

'La Maison de L'Artiste' is the perfect place for relaxation and introspection.

We'll nurture you with wholesome meals, snacks, and a touch of French wine to make your stay even more special.

Here, you'll creatively explore your inner self, release emotions, awaken your imagination, and express yourself uniquely and beautifully. 

All through the guidance of Alison Coulthurst, Art therapist and Professional Artist.

Art will also be your guide to connect with your intuition.


Embrace Your True Self

Your relationship with yourself is the foundation for all other connections in life. Embracing your authentic core leads to deep love, connection, joy, and wisdom. It's about revealing what's hidden, providing a secure space for transformation. 

Art is your companion on this journey.

Let's dive in and rediscover yourself:

  • Unlock your inner potential.

  • Shed what holds you back.

  • Nurture strength and serenity.

  • Clarify your identity and future path.

  • Release lingering grief.

  • Turn your focus inward and allow your imagination to uncover fresh insights.


This unique retreat is tailored for women who seek ones own transformation and healing. It provides a safe and nurturing sanctuary where you can slow down, face your emotions, and make self-care a priority. It's a private space to unplug from the world and reconnect with your heart through art, journaling, and nature.


















Our guests often face challenges that you may resonate with:

  • Profound fatigue, especially on an energetic level.

  • Feeling trapped in life.

  • A sense of confinement in your environment or job.

  • Struggling with self-worth.

  • Questions about your identity.

  • Repeatedly losing yourself in relationships.

  • Dealing with health concerns.

  • Searching for life's purpose and meaning.

  • Losing passion and enthusiasm.

  • Struggling to balance "doing" and "being."

  • Living in fear, concealing your true self and self-love.

  • Feeling misunderstood and profoundly lonely.

  • Longing for a spiritual journey and a reconnection with nature and unconditional love.


3 days 2 nights €990 

4 days 3 nights €1300

deposit €290 

Here's what is included in this private retreat:

  • accommodation in a French country cottage.

  • Homemade, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks (all vegetarian meals.)

  • Hawaiian massage.

  • Reiki energy balancing.

  • art expression and art therapy.

  • Art and Kundalini meditations.

  • Yoga/movement.

  • Country walks.

  • A letting go fire ceremony.

  • Pick-up and drop-off to Rennes - La Maison de L’Artiste.

  • A beautiful Journal for insights

  • All art materials included


The program can be individually tailored to closely align with your intentions and requirements.

It can also be tailored for you to come with your sister or mother. Different pricing. 

This one-on-one retreat is available year-round and can start on any day of the week. 

Why don’t you send an inquiry to check the availability of your preferred date.


I'm truly excited to welcome you to 'La Maison de L'Artiste' for an unforgettable experience that's all about you. 

This retreat is your journey to self-renewal through the art of expression.

Let's rediscover your joy through the healing power of art

and fill your life with more love, art, and healing.

la Maison de L'Artiste womens creativity retreats in France
la Maison de L'Artiste womens creativity retreats in France
la Maison de L'Artiste womens creativity retreats in France
one on one crativity retreats in france
one on one crativity retreats in france
one on one crativity retreats in france

embrace your true self through art

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